Marine Toilets, Electric, Manual and Alternative 

  • Alternative & Portable Toilets

    Alternative & Portable Toilets (8)

    Our selection of Alternative Toilets reqire no water or plumbing and are compliant with all zero discharge regulations.  Our Portable Toilets are easy to use give you the convenience of home anywhere you travel
  • Headhunter Toilets & Parts

    Headhunter Toilets & Parts (5)

    All Royal Flush toilets are built around a simple, no nonsense, water jet macerator. The reliability of this technology has been proven for over a decade and has been demonstrated at yachting events annually where spectators stare in disbelief as we easily flush rags, coins, even panty hose.All Royal Flush toilets operate on the following principle. Pressurized water is accelerated through a jet to macerate and discharge the waste. There are no complicated mechanical sewage devices to maintain. Consumption of less than 1 US gallon per flush strikes a balance between water conservation and effective odor control. Each and every Royal Flush is designed, manufactured and tested to provide years of trouble-free service.Pressurized water is supplied by either a dedicated pump (defined as a Single Station) or by a pumping station shared by multiple toilets (defined as a Central System). No matter which method you choose to supply the water, you'll need a station which includes a seat, a bowl, a touch-activated time-delay switch, mounting hardware, a vented loop, and of course our unequalled five (5) year warranty.
  • Manual Saltwater Toilets & Parts

    Manual Saltwater Toilets & Parts (4)

    Manual Saltwater Flush Toilets and Rebuild Kits including Groco and Wilcox Crittenden  
  • SaniMarin Macerating Toilets and Parts

    SaniMarin Macerating Toilets and Parts (2)

    SaniMarine Macerating Toilets  - available in 3 sizes 12volt, 24volt and 110    
  • SeaLand Vacuflush & Parts

    SeaLand Vacuflush & Parts (53)

    SeaLand VacuFlush® toilet systems are one of the most popular marine sanitation systems preferred by boat manufacturers and owners around the world.Optimized for pleasure boating in "no discharge" areas, VacuFlush technology uses vacuum energy and low-flush efficiency to clear the bowl instantly and propel effluent to the holding tank. This results in no odors, no clogs, and exceptionally low water consumption and power draw.
  • Raske Toilet and Pumps

    Raske Toilet and Pumps (8)

    Raske Toilet, pumps and parts
  • Tecma Toilets and Parts

    Tecma Toilets and Parts (4)

    Tecma Toilets