Ask us your tank questions!

Ocean Link is your tank specialist! We can kit together all the parts needed for your tank installation. We work with multiple fabricators allowing us to have one of the largest collections of tank options in one place.

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  • Roto-molded waste and water tanks with and without fittings
  • Custom-built polypropylene tanks
  • Cross-link roto-molded polyethylene fuel tanks
  • Custom-built aluminum tanks
  • Topside and portable tanks

Are you debating a tank replacement, but you’re not sure what the best tank material is for your needs? Both aluminum and plastic are great tank materials, but we can help you decide between the two based on your particular application.


A custom aluminum tank is likely to be built and delivered to you faster. Aluminum tanks are CNC cut, making them less expensive than custom plastic tanks that require tooling before production.


A plastic tank has many benefits — most importantly that it won’t corrode over time, potentially increasing its lifespan on your boat.

New Tank? New Head? Think About a Sani Split!

The Sanisplit NK from Thetford is an automatic pumping unit that transfers water from the bidet to the collection tank irrespective of gradient. That means it also serves showers and washbasins. The Sanisplit NK has a powerful and silent centrifugal pump controlled by a pressure switch that activates as soon as the water arrives in the unit’s collection tank.

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