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Featured Employee
Kevin McAulay, Customer Service
When you call Ocean Link chances are  the phone will be answered by our customer service specialist  Kevin McAulay.  Kevin began working at Ocean Link in the summer of 2009 as a technician. He came to Ocean Link after 13 years of employment at Shannon yachts. 

During his time here as a technician, Kevin attended trainings offered by Dometic for both Vacuflush and CruisAir. 


An unfortunate shoulder injury has landed Kevin in the office the last couple of years. It was been invaluable to both our customers and our technicians in the field to have such a knowledgeable person in the office to assist with tank and part sales, scheduling service calls and purchasing.  



Recent Training

Earlier this month Ocean Link technician Brian Paiva completed Vacuflush SuperTech Training. He obtained lots of good tips as well as news on the latest sanitation products by Dometic.





If you miss us at the Providence Show  
you can
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A Note From Terri


All of us at Ocean Link would like to wish our customers a happy new year and to thank you for your  patronage over the past year. We look forward to maintaining professional relationships with all of you. We strive to gain the trust of our customers by providing quality service and support to make time onboard your yachts more enjoyable.



See All That’s NEW at the Providence Boat Show   

The Rhode Island Marine Trades Association (RIMTA) has put a new management team, new attractions, and a new vision in place for the Providence Boat Show. One of the largest winter boat shows held in New England is set to take place January 31 to February 2 at the Providence Convention Center.

Hope to see you at the show – be sure to stop by the Ocean Link display. 



Recent Work
Services performed on Superyacht Islandia


Our crew has been busy working on maintenance and upgrade projects aboard the 136-foot superyacht Islandia. The Tony Castro and Peter Sijm design was built in Holland.




We Went to METS!




In November Terri attended the  world famous Marine Equipment Trade Show known as METS in Amsterdam. METS is the world’s largest trade show of the international marine leisure industry. 
During three days filled with inspiration and innovation, METS provided the perfect platform to network, exchange ideas and do business. 


Of her experience at the show, Terri stated, “Attending this show gave me the opportunity to visit with many of the manufacturers of products we represent and service. It also allowed me to learn about new products including HRO’s latest Seafari watermaker the Quest”


The new Horizon Reverse Osmosis Seafari Quest is engineered for boaters with limited power options. The Seafari Quest’s control system provides improved fresh water flush features, better maintenance access, and additional safety alarm features. Featuring automatic operation, it is ideal for small boats and sail boats.  



Get rid of those nasty head smells

Head odor primarily comes from three sources: the holding tank, the hoses or the toilet itself.

While the term is “holding tank,” it is important to realize that the longer you “hold” onto the contents, the more likely it will smell. That odor is caused by anaerobic bacteria that flourish in a static airless environment.

You want to create an environment that promotes aerobic activity, which produces CO2, an odorless gas.

One solution is to encourage air flow into the tank. A vent is the easiest step towards creating this.  While the obvious purpose of the vent is to equalize pressure when pumping into or out of the tank, the sloshing of contents will also aerate the tank. Any restriction in the vent or its line will prevent this. A typical cause of blockage is waste flowing up the line. Another restriction may be a kink or dip in the vent hose that is holding water and preventing air flow.

Hoses should be considered next. High quality multi-layer hose, reinforced with helical wire and properly installed to minimize standing sewage in the hose, is the most effective way to prevent odor permeation. Additionally, be sure to flush thoroughly. Don’t stop until you have pumped a half dozen times or let your electric head go for six to ten seconds. Pumping more water through the hoses clears the sewage and prevents pockets of waste.

Last is the head itself. Microorganisms in salt flush water cause odor as they decompose. Electric heads with fresh water flush systems virtually eliminate odor. However, a manual head using salt water can provide odor free service with a couple of tips. First, when flushing make sure that the water coming out of the rim wash has not picked up any organic matter from outside and is clean before you stop pumping. In addition, at the end of the day, pour a quart of fresh water in the bowl and dry flush pump it into the hose.

Learn more about marine sanitation systems here or give us a call at 401 683-4434.



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