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The fuel tanks you find on our website are the highest quality plastic fuel tanks available. Unlike metal tanks our fuel tanks will not corrode. Our fuel tanks are also 30% lighter than a metal tank of the same size. These tanks are made using Cross-linked polyethylene which is completely resistant to gasoline and diesel fuel. Each tank we offer is individually tested and certified to US Coast Guard Standards.

PLEASE NOTE: All tanks are made to order and non-refundable. Please call for current lead time. 

Start your search for a fuel tank below by entering in your desired dimensions, shape or gallons. If the tank size, you are looking for does not come up give us a call at 401-683-4434 or email us at info@oceanlinkinc.com and we can talk with you about a custom-built aluminum tank.

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Rectangular Tanks

Rectangular Tanks are, as you may expect, rectangles. We have hundreds of rectangular tanks, so we are providing you a great way to search for the size tank you are looking for.

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Belly Tanks

Belly tanks are shaped to fit in the bilge or keel area on centerline.

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Other Tanks

Other tanks are oddball shapes with funny notches and cutouts. While hard to categorize, you may find one that’s perfect.

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Gas & Diesel Tank Installation

Permanently Installed Fuel Tanks

  • Ocean Link fuel tanks are designed and manufactured for use with either gasoline or diesel fuel. Proper installation and use will provide years of trouble-free service.
  • All fuel tanks are manufactured using a natural chemically cross-linked polyethylene and tested in accordance with USCG CFR 183.580 Subpart J.
  • All plastic fuel tanks expand about two percent in size after the initial fill with fuel. You must take the expansion into account when choosing and installing the tank, check out the installation instructions below for more information.
  • The following instructions for installation and care of Ocean Link fuel tanks should be followed closely. Deviation from restrictions and suggestions will void warranty.

Installation Procedures

1. Install the tank in such a manner as to prevent shifting, chafing, bouncing or puncturing. ALL AREAS OF CONTACT WITH THE HULL, STRINGERS, AND HOLDDOWNS SHOULD HAVE NEOPRENE PADDING BETWEEN THE TANK AND CONTACT POINT. Allowances should be made for expansion. ALL TANKS WILL EXPAND 2% IN ALL DIRECTIONS (LENGTH, WIDTH, AND HEIGHT) AFTER EXPOSURE TO FUEL. Typical allowances for a tank measuring 39″L X 22″W X 10″H would be as follows: 39-3/4″L X 22-1/2″W X 10-1/4″H.

2. Deformation of the tank as a result of the mounting procedures will void the warranty. All tanks must be fully supported during mounting. Do not install the tank in a location where it cannot be easily removed (such as removing floors or walls for repair or replacement). DO NOT FOAM THE TANKS IN PLACE!!

3. All fuel tanks are UV stabilized and can be safely stored in the sun, however normal precautions should be exercised to prevent dust and other material from getting into the tank. Do not expose the tanks to temperatures greater than 180 °F.

4. Below-floor tanks fitted with wooden blocks should have neoprene straps around the blocks to allow for expansion. Tanks should be located in the middle of the compartment and aluminum hold down clips should be installed at an angle that allows 3/8″ clearance at the bottom of the tank. Stringers over the top of the tank should have neoprene padding between them and the tank.

5. Do not attempt to glue, weld, screw, heat or add fittings or metal fasteners onto the tank. Use only those fittings supplied with the tank. Do not solid plumb the tanks, use flexible lines. Thread sealants may be used if required.

6. Do not exceed 20-foot pounds of torque on the 3/8 MPT fitting or more than 35-inch pounds on the sending unit insert. This will give sufficient torque for sealing.

Find the tank installation parts we offer here.

Installation engineering assistance is available from Ocean Link. Contact us for Service!

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