Toilets & Sanitation Systems

Marine Sanitation Systems

As marine plumbing specialists, marine sanitation systems are our primary focus. Our factory trained technicians sell, install and service a broad variety of components. This enables us to offer exactly what you need.

Waste water regulations, along with the increasing complexity of marine sanitation systems has made marine sanitation systems an increasingly more important aspect of boat ownership.

Whether it’s a Groco, Headhunter, Microphor or Sealand marine toilet, a Sanimarin electric macerating toilet, a DryFlush or Airhead toilets – alternatives that require no plumbing at all, we can fulfill your needs.

We carry an inventory of new units and parts allowing for prompt repair or replacement. We also have an extensive selection of holding tanks. We can design and install a comprehensive marine sanitation system from your toilet to the tank with appropriate discharge options.

If you need help with your marine sanitation system, call us today at 401 683-4434.

Holding Tank Schematic

Sanitation System Schematic