Alternative Marine Toilets

Alternative Marine Toilets

Laveo by Dry Flush “Go-Anywhere”  Many alternative marine toilets claim to be odor free, but the Laveo truly is. This is made possible through the use of a specially designed and patented cassette that dispenses clean material into the bowl after every flush. The flush cycle encapsulates the waste material into an odor-tight pouch. The pouch is compacted into the bottom of a container within the toilet. After approximately 17 flushes, the cassette containing the pouches is easily removed and disposed of as diapers would be. All waste, both solid and liquid, is securely encased so the user never has contact with it.

The fully portable Laveo looks and is used like a regular toilet. It is very lightweight, durable and uses no water or chemicals. It is powered by a battery cell which provides up to 300 flushes per charge. It can also be permanently affixed and wired in if desired.

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Beyond the boating market the Laveo toilet is perfect for use in RV’s, truckers on the open road, construction sites, cabins, and after disasters such as power outages and floods. There is even a model equipped for home care use intended for handicapped or disabled people.

Because it has no odor and there is never anything to see, Laveo is comfortable and provides the same peace of mind as using your home toilet.  Dry Flush owners love the sanitary feel and ease of emptying.  There is nothing else in the market today as portable and easy to use as the Dry Flush system.   BUY A LAVEO BY DRY FLUSH TOILET HERE

AirHead Composting Toilet works simply. By separating liquids from solids the volume of solid human matter is significantly reduced. The five-gallon capacity assures up to a season’s worth of weekend use. Liquids are collected in the smaller forward tank. With a combination of agitation, desiccation and decomposition, solid matter is rendered non-offensive inside the large tank. Additionally, the unit has an integral 12 volt fan that provides a constant negative pressure to pull moisture out of the living space.