SeaLand Vacuflush W Series Quiet Motor Kit 12v, 385311423


P/N: 385311423

Installation Instructions


Get rid of the “thump thump” sound when you flush. Now, with the W Series Quiet Motor Kit (Whisper Conversion Kit or W motor), you can flush it away effectively and quietly. This motor sets a new standard in marine sanitation. All S-series and T-series pumps should be converted to the new W motor. When replacing older motors, you should replace the bellows as well to prevent the pump knocking noise. The sound is due to the diameter of the old bellows. To avoid this, use the complete W motor kit for all S and Q motor replacements.

Parts Included

  • W Motor
  • Eccentric
  • O-Rings
  • Shoulder Bolt
  • Bellows
  • Two Bellow Clamps
  • New screws for the Motor

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs


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