Reveille Waste Treatment 22oz.

HeadHunter’s Reveille Waste Treatment is scientifically designed to digest waste, clear drains, and eliminate offensive odors on board your boat. Reveille’s formula contains over 3 million organisms per ounce and is packed with bio enzymes and waste-digesting microbes. With regular use Reveille makes optimizing the performance of your sanitary system easier than ever before. Because this product degrades fats, grease, oil, and food by-products it can be used in kitchen drains, grease traps, and shower drains. Simply pour Reveille into drains, shower sumps, toilets, and holding tanks.

Drain Maintenance: pour 6 ounces in each galley drain and lavatory each month. Showers and Toilet Maintenance: Pour 16 ounces in each shower and toilet each month. Holding Tanks: Pour a 22 ounce bottle into the tank for initial treatment then follow the instructions for introduction via toilet.

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