Turbo Self-Contained Air Conditioner_web_800The northern hemisphere is heating up! With summer officially underway, we’re getting a lot of phone calls from boaters who can’t seem to cool down, even on the water!

You may have an aging air conditioner that needs an upgrade. (Here’s a hint: does it look like the one pictured below?) Or you may be looking to install an AC unit on your boat for the first time. If your boat isn’t the perfect temperature, it’s time to take a look at air conditioning options!

There’s no single perfect air conditioner that works for every boat. Just like selecting a motor or sails, choosing the best air-conditioning unit for your boat depends on the boat’s capacity and your own preferences.

It is important size your air conditioner properly. While there are formulas that can provide a guideline for the correct BTU’s for a given space one must also consider other critical factors such as is the cabin above decks, or below decks, what is the number and size of windows and doors in the area, where will the thermostat be located and what climate will the boat most frequently be used in. This is why it is important to have a qualified technician to advise and engineer the installation of an important piece of equipment like this.

We are dealers for Cruisair, Hurricane, Technicold and Webasto air-conditioning and heat systems. Call us for more information about sizing and installing a system on your boat.