Tank replacement is a great project to start and finish on your boat during the off-season. Replacing a holding tank or fuel tank is a project that takes some time. Don’t interrupt your boating season when you could find, order and install a brand new tank before the season even begins! If you have are considering replacing a tank this winter here are some things to know.

The tank replacement process begins with determining what it is you are replacing and what you will be replacing it with.

For instance if you have a corroding aluminum fuel tank consider purchasing a plastic tank as a replacement. Plastic won’t corrode as easily as an aluminum tank does. Perhaps you have a smelly waste tank that you would like to replace. Consider a roto-molded tank which is made of plastic and manufactured in a way that renders it seamless.

Once you have determined the direction you would like to take with your tank replacement project, the next step is to move in that direction.

If you are looking to find an exact replacement of your existing tank then it’s time to pull out your tape measure. Measure the dimensions of your tank and input those into Ocean Link’s tank search page. From there you can search all the tanks we offer. Exact replacement tanks are sometimes hard to find so it is important to keep in mind not just your existing tank’s dimensions, but the space you have to work with on board your boat. Maybe a different size or shape tank has the potential to fit. There are also a number of installation parts that can help assist with installing a replacement tank whether it is a perfect fit or requires some creativity when it comes time to install.

Waste/Water Tanks Fittings

If you find a waste or water tank that will work for your tank replacement the next step would be to print a the schematic of the tank. Mark up where you would like the fittings to be located (example pictured below). Unlike the fittings of a roto-molded fuel tank, the fittings on a waste/water tank are adjustable. Although Ocean Link does not manufacturer the tanks, we do spin the fittings.

Custom Fuel Tanks and Custom Waste/Water Tanks

If you cannot find a tank that already exists to fit your needs as custom tank is an option. If you are looking for a custom fuel tank it will be made of aluminum. To begin the process you will need to draw a schematic of the tank including the dimensions as well as the fittings placements. Do not worry – this schematic does not have to be a work of art! We will take your rough drawing and send it out for a price quote. If you, the customer, approves the price then your rough drawing will be professionally drawn by an engineer at the manufacturer. Upon approval of the professionally drawn schematic your tank will be built.

The process involved with custom holding tanks is similar to custom fuel tanks however holding tanks can be made out of plastic. If you are looking to have a custom holding tank built you will also need to draw a rough sketch of the tank including the schematics and fitting placement. A quote will be generated and if signed off on then the tank will be built based off of your drawing.


Every tank we offer is made to order with a 3 week lead time. We do not stock any tanks on our shelves. Why wait to interrupt your boating season when you can get a jump on things and install a brand new tank this winter? If you have more questions about ordering a tank or the installation process send us an email at info@oceanlinkinc.com or give us a call at 401-683-4434!