Yacht Finishes by Brilliant Strokes

Keeping your bright work looking bright takes hard work and skill. Ocean Link’s “Brilliant Strokes” varnish division offers yacht owners the piece of mind and assurance of quality that only an established, professional and insured company can deliver.

“Brilliant Strokes” offers an unbeatable combination of personnel, equipment and facilities to assure that your yacht finish receives the attention to detail and glass-like result that you demand. For smaller jobs we are happy to come to you. For larger projects, we have the facility to bring the project inside, eliminating the biggest problem of weather. For fine finish items such as cockpit, main salon tables and any other removable pieces, “Brilliant Strokes” will apply glass top finishes in our controlled environment varnish loft.

Brilliant Strokes is skilled in all types of fine yacht finishes. If your application needs expert hand brushing or the exceptional gloss of a sprayed finish, Brilliant Strokes delivers. .
Unlike the fly-by-night varnishers you may meet on the dock, ” Brilliant Strokes ” is an established business. We have phones, facilities and most importantly, a reputation. We are here for the long haul, and know that satisfied customers are the absolute foundation of our business.

We offer a “Summer Maintanence Package” that includes:

  • Varnish Work
  • Regular Scheduled Cleaning
  • Polishing and Waxing
  • Interiors and Exteriors

We would be glad to tailor a package to suit your needs !!