Diesel Fuel Polishing

Whether you need to utilize our mobile fuel polishing system or are looking to install a permanent solution using an onboard fuel polishing system, making sure your diesel fuel flows cleanly to your engines is a priority for safe passage. We install and service ESI clean fuel systems that provide flow volume rates up to 8 gallons per minute for even the largest yachts.

For those who don’t have a need for an integrated fuel polishing system, our mobile fuel polishing unit can clean up any tank “crud” caked in the bottom of the tank along with other contaminants in your fuel system right at your dock. Our “Diesel Weasel” acts as an industrial diesel fuel vacuum cleaner that sucks fuel from your tanks along with debris, water, sludge and bacteria. This mixture runs through a series of filters and pumps. Clean fuel is then pumped back into your tank.

Diesel engines are rugged reliable power plants that have one obstacle, they are not capable of overcoming, contaminated fuel. Whether the fuel sits in your tank or at the distribution point, diesel is an organic product that in the right conditions will flourish, creating what we inelegantly call “crud”. While a fuel filter can provide protection, if the fuel in the tanks (or fuel dock) is allowed to sit long enough to become contaminated with any of the 12 species of algae that feed on diesel, the in-line filters will clog and shut down your engine.

An effective onboard fuel polishing system or a visit from our mobile fuel polishing unit will give you peace of mind.