Commissioning Services


Commissioning Your Boat Seasonal Preparation

All boaters know that a lot needs to be done before and after a season on the water. Our technicians are happy to help with any and all of those projects.


Spring Commissioning

Avoid the temptation to rush through spring commissioning leaving some tasks to be done later on the water. Some must be done before launch, and others are much easier to do in the boatyard than on the dock or at anchor. Leaving some things until later may put the boat, and you, at risk.

Spring commissioning should involve such things as cleaning and polishing of hull and topsides, testing, repair, upgrading of all plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems. Inspecting fuel lines, including fill and vent hoses, for softness, brittleness or cracking. Checking tanks and pumps, and replacing filters annually.

Here’s a Spring Commissioning Check List.

Fall De-Commissioning

Facing the chores required to store your boat over the winter season can be tough. Let our technicians lighten your load by having us perform the ones you least enjoy.

Fall de-commissioning should involve such things as emptying water tanks, lines and pumps. Draining hot water heater and running non-toxic antifreeze through all lines. Inspect pump impellers, hoses and clamps and replace if necessary. Servicing water maker and ordering new filters for spring. Pumping antifreeze through cooling system. Pumping head dry, lubricating with oil and running antifreeze through bowl, intake and discharge hoses. Lubricating gaskets and seacocks.

Here’s a Fall De-commissioning Check List.