Custom Böning Electronics and Smart Bridges

Ocean Link Inc. is certified by the Böning Group of Germany to sell, service, and install ship automation products for yachts. The Böning products now available through Ocean Link include a smart bridge with touchscreen control for ships’ systems, alarm and monitoring systems, display panels, and control units. Ocean Link customizes each product and its installation for the individual requirements of the vessel and the personalized needs of the vessel operators. Ocean Link’s relationship with Böning diversifies Ocean Link’s product offering while also providing current and prospective customers with a new resource in the growing field of smart electronics for yachts.

Ocean Link’s technicians were trained by Böning in the customization, installation, programming, and servicing of the entire Böning product range. For yacht owners or operators, Ocean Link representatives can identify the control and monitoring opportunities on an existing vessel and provide specific product recommendations from the Böning line. For smaller yachts, a Böning package may include engine and systems monitoring, data displays, and alarms. For larger yachts, Böning can provide a complete smart bridge solution that connects most any system into one central point with graphic displays and touchscreen controls.

“Böning’s products perfectly complement our existing products and service,” said Terri Cortvriend, owner and manager of Ocean Link Inc. “Many of the systems we currently sell and install on yachts can be integrated into Böning’s monitoring packages. Our relationship with Böning is an opportunity to offer our customers additional ease of operation and peace of mind for their vessels.”

Many yacht owners planning refits or major maintenance periods source Böning products to install during the servicing of other systems. These monitoring and alarm products then notify vessel operators in the future when additional service or maintenance is necessary.

Ocean Link is currently offering customized proposals and cost estimates to customers considering Böning products.
For more information contact Ocean Link at 401-683-4434.