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Mid Summer 2012



Meet Our Crew Members



Each issue features a member of the OceanLink staff.



 Brian Paiva 



Our lead technician, Brian Paiva, has worked for us for more than five years.

Previously he worked on major refits for such superyachts as Glorianna while employed by Little Harbor and Bristol Marine.

He is a methodical trouble shooter and can fix problems in nearly all onboard systems including watermakers, heaters, air conditioners, batteries and more.


If you need Brian to help get your boat back into good working order, give us a call today: 401 683-4434.


Featured Service
Comprehensive Maintenance Program 


Our comprehensive maintenance program keeps your boat systems working flawlessly from stem to stern all year long.  


We handle all your needs from launch to haulout and storage. We can obtain and install complete sanitation, HVAC/Refrigeration, and watermaker systems. Diesel fuel polishing and yacht finishing services are also available.

Just need routine maintenance? Fine – we are happy to do that too. Free yourself of the burden!

The first step to getting onboard this program is to schedule a complete inspection and audit of your systems. 

We only accept a few boats into this comprehensive year-round program so we can give each boat the individual attention it needs.  

Call today to find out more:

401 683-4434.


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Hello Again,


We have been extremely busy around here as boaters prepare or repair their boats for another great season.


One of our more interesting upgrade projects is featured below as is a fun new product and another of our crew members.


If there is a product or service you would like to see in one of our upcoming newsletters, please let us know. If you have a systems question, fire away. We want to provide useful information here and you can help us do just that!

If you need anything, please visit our ALL NEW Website where you can more easily view and order new product and learn more about our services.


Or, give us a call at 401 683-4434.


See you on the water!

Terri Cortvriend
Ocean Link, Inc.


Preparing a Tall Ship
Tree of Life gets ready for Newport Tall Ship Festival
Tree of Life


The schooner Tree of Life, launched in 1991, was built in Nova Scotia, Canada. She sleeps 12 in three cabins and the foc’sle. Her hull is a composite of strip planked clear fir and Kevlar saturated in epoxy and sheathed in fiberglass. Her deck is fir, spars are spruce, and brightwork is Honduran Mahogany. The interior is paneled in koa and teak.

 Plumbing aboard TofL

93-foot sparred length, with 70-foot length overall and 58-foot length waterline, draft of 8’5″ and beam of 18’6″ The rig height is 85′ carrying 4800 square feet of sail.

Our technicians are fitting the boat out with a new sanitation system including two SanMarin toilets and Ocean Link custom holding tank. We are also reconfiguring the bilge pump set-up.



Product Spotlight: What is it?
Ocean Link Sanitation Microbes


We are very excited to announce this cool new product that will improve the way your boat smells forever!

Micropouches consume the elements that cause odor without relying on perfumes to cover smells or formaldehyde to kill the natural decay process.

Each micropouch is a water-soluble pre-measured, biodegradable packet, containing oil-eating Archaea microbes. When the packet hits wet waste in the holding tank, the packet dissolves and the microbes become active. They thrive on offensive ammonia and gasses, breaking down solids for easier pumpouts and sweeter smelling heads.


Nature’s way of recycling,

neutralizes odor

leaving a “sweet” tank.

 Want to know more? Send an email to