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We sell and service the complete line of Dometic CruisAir Products including self-contained marine HVAC units. Self-contained units are typically the best choice for smaller boats up to about 12 meters (40 feet) due to the lower cost of the units and installation.

Split Gas Air Conditioning Systems – For Boats Up to 24 Meters (80 Feet):
Split air conditioning systems have the condensing unit and air handler installed in different locations. The condensing unit is mounted in the engine room or other mechanical space. The air handler (also called the evaporator) is installed in the living area. Two air handlers can connect to one condensing unit.

Termpered Water Air Conditioning Marine HVAC – For Large Boats and SuperYachts: Cruisair tempered water air conditioning systems (also called chilled water) consist of a chiller, located in the engine room, that cools (or heats) fresh water, then pumps it through an insulated piping loop to air handlers located in the living spaces, where the air is cooled (or heated).

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