Webasto Feel Cool Fast Air Contditioners

A compact air conditioning system that provides extreme comfort with whisper quiet operation. Balanced system for vibration and noise elimination. Compact design that allows for zero-clearance installations. Unibody weld provides superior strength. High output in a single compact unit.

Webasto Blue Cool Classic Air Conditioning. The installation of a BlueCool Classic system is very simple: Each cabin has its own independent unit supplying that cabin with cool air. Air cooling and distribution with a single device. Simple, space-saving interior installation (e.g. in a cabinet or under a bench). Especially well suited for subsequent installation. The perfect supplement to the Webasto air heating system.

Webasto BlueCool Premium Air Conditioning.
A BlueCool Premium system is the best choice for larger boats with numerous cabins. The air conditioner is usually installed in the engine compartment, and supplies all cabins with refrigerated water / glycol via the coolant circuit. Low-noise central cooling unit in the engine compartment. Minimum space requirement in the cabinsIndividual temperature control and cold air distribution to all cabins. Option for a comprehensive comfort system through integration with the Webasto water heater.

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