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    Odor Control Refresh Concentrated Cleaner & Deodorizer 16oz., 770062


    ReFresh Concentrate works differently from other bactericide, enzyme, oxidizer, or odor masking treatments. Apply solution with bucket, spray, or by hand to penetrate all areas. You can use the Concentrated Cleaner and Deodorizer as an additive to detergents and most cleaners. Refresh Concentrated Cleaner and Deodorizer is not only great for odor control, but it is also Non-toxic, Biodegradable and Naturally Green. As well as Child and Pet safe.

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    Tea Tree Power Mist Atomizer 2oz. 770209


    Tea Tree Power mold mildew & odor eliminator is a natural air cleaner formulated especially for marine use. Blended using 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil, it maintains healthy air quality and leaves a subtle, naturally clean scent throughout the boat.