SeaLand VacuFlush 2″ Duckbill Valves Kit 385311581



2″ Duckbill Valves (set of 4)

The Sealand 2″ Duckbill Valves comes with a set of four. These valves are used on the VG IV Sealand and the J Series Vacuum Generator. The Sealand part number is 385311208. Sealand produces two different sizes of valves. If the 2″ valves are too large for your application check out our the smaller 1.5″ valves here. The part number for the smaller set of valves is 385310076.

Over time your valves will wear and could potentially become problematic such as causing a vacuum leak. Sealand’s manufacturer recommended maintenance includes replacing the duck bill valves in your vacuum generator or vacuum pump every three years. Consider keeping a set of spares on board especially while in remote areas or if there is not somewhere that has VacuFlush parts readily available for purchase.

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