X-Caliber 12-24 VDC Salt or Freshwater Pressure System by Headhunter XRS-124

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XRS-124 Headhunter 12-24V DC Pressure Pump

The Headhunter X-Caliber Pump delivers high performance water pressure that will invigorate showers and dramatically improve your overall water pressure system capabilities. The X-Caliber Pump is quiet yet blasts water pressure. Headhunter’s X-Caliber pump is a leader in the industry. This pump includes advanced technology such as a self-priming pump and is equipped with a temperature and pressure sensor. The XRS-124 operates at 12 volts or 24 volts and also offers advanced features such as an adjustable cut in pressure, adjustable power setting, over/under voltage protection, anti-flooding protection and dry run protection.

Product details:

  • Liquid Temp. 32‹F (0‹c)-104‹F (40‹c)
  • Ambient Temp. 32‹F (0‹c)-122‹F (50‹c)
  • Max Pressure 67 PSI (4.5 bar)
  • Max Flow 10 GPM (38 lpm)
  • Suction/Discharge 3/4” FPT
  • Weight 16lbs (7.2 kg)


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Weight 20 lbs


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