Teflon & Rubber Bowl Seal Kit with Overflow Holes


Teflon & Rubber Bowl Seal Kit with Overflow Holes

Part Number: 385316140


The key to preventing leaks and flushing problems is to keep your toilet watertight. If you have started to notice these issues developing, it could be due to a seal break between the upper bowl and lower base toilet. The SeaLand seal kit delivers watertight, airtight integrity between the bowl and seat. If your pedal-operated head is newer than 2001 it is a Vacuflush toilet (Vacuflush heads never used the overflow hole) Purchase the seal without overflow holes.


Designed for Pedal-Flush toilets with overflow holes in the toilet bowl (Series 800, 1000, 500 before 2001)

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Weight 2 lbs


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