Teflon and Rubber Bowl Seal Kit Without Overflow Holes 385311462


P/N: 385311462


Dometic’s Teflon and Rubber Bowl Seal Kit W/O Overflow Holes deliver premium watertight, airtight integrity between upper bowl and lower base toilet components on thousands of marine and RV toilets. Fits all pedal operated Vacuflush heads and gravity (traveler) discharge heads made after 2001. The recommended maintenance interval for the bowl seal is every 2-6 years or seasons, depending on use. If your bowl is no longer holding water, it’s time to replace your bowl seal.

Bowl seal Kit with overflow holes can be purchased here: 385316140

It’s recommended to change your Ball-Shaft-Cartridge kit while replacing the bowl seal.

Black Spring Cartridge 385310954

White Spring Cartridge: 385318162

*Does not replace bowl seal on 300, 310 320 series Dometic toilets

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