VG4 J-Series Vacuum Generator 12V, 317780012


The VG4 vacuum generator is remotely installed outside of the head compartment. VacuFlush vacuum generators work much more quietly than macerator toilet motors. The generators powerful vacuum energy instantly clears the bowl when flushed. Components are pre-assembled, wired and vacuum tested for performance integrity.


VG4 / JW12 Vacuum Generator is the most efficient water and power consumption among Marine heads. The J-series vacuum generators are easy to install.  The intake and discharge capabilities and compact size allow a variety of installations to fit in almost any vessel. The VG4 /JW12 Vacuum Generator is offered in both 12 Volt and 24 Volt. The larger 2″ Duckbill Valves allow the VG4 to regenerate vacuum up to 33% faster than the VGII or VG III. The larger duckbills are also less prone to clogging than the 1.5″ duckbills used in these predecessors.


  • 12 Volt (8amp) DC model
  • Ultra-quiet: remotely installed outside of head compartment
  • Adjustable components accommodate diverse layouts
  • Pre-assembled and wired vacuum pump and vacuum tank
  • Large valves for enhanced flow
  • self-priming up to 50′ horizontal and a 6′ lift

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 13 in


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